This page will be most useful for users what are familiar with GraphQL Concepts and understand the basics of writing GraphQL Queries.

Querying Themes

WPGraphQL provides support for querying Themes in various ways.

List of Themes

Below is an example of querying a list of Themes.

  themes {
    nodes {

Query from Authenticated User

Authenticated users with the “edit_themes” capability can query a list of Themes and see all available themes for the site.

Screenshot of a Query for a list of themes from an authenticated user

Query from Public User

A public user or a user without “edit_themes” capability can make the same query and only the active theme will be returned.

The active theme is considered a public entity in WordPress and can be publicly accessed and WPGraphQL respects this access control right.

Screenshot of a Query for a list of themes from a non-authenticated user


WPGraphQL does not currently support mutations for themes.