WPGraphQL v0.4.1

Today we released WPGraphQL v0.4.1. This is a non-breaking change release. You can view the release here:

Release Summary

  • Update composer dependencies
  • Update filter on WPGraphQL::get_allowed_taxonomies()
  • Update to Docs for WPGraphQL for ACF – Thanks @henrikwirth!
  • Update to Install and Activate Docs – Thanks @jacobarriola!
  • Update to Docs sidebar styles – Thanks @TylerBarnes!
  • Add Router::is_graphql_request() method – Thanks @esamattis!
  • Fix issue with PostObjectMutation not respecting term inputs if graphql_plural_name was capitalized in the registration
  • Prevent execution of connections if the source Post is null
  • Fix PostObjectCursor issue with meta_value_num compares – Thanks @kidunot89!
  • Fix UserLoader for orphaned users – Kellen
  • Adjustments to Comment Model – Ryan
  • Add Interface inheritance for Types implementing Interfaces – Thanks @kidunot89!
  • Fix PHP warning in InstrumentSchema.php
  • Add tests for Interfaces
  • add Page.isFrontPage field to the Schema – Thanks @zgordon!