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Recipes: Custom Fields

Deprecating a field in the Schema

Sometimes it can be helpful to deprecate a field in the Schema without removing it altogether.

Custom FieldsSchema Customization

Register a basic Mutation

This snippet shows how to register a basic GraphQL Mutation with a single input field, a single output field, and the input is simply returned as the value for the output.

Add Edit Link to All Post Types

The following snippet shows how to add the “Edit” link as a GraphQL field to all post types:

Add field to output URLs for Sitemap

The following code is an example of how you can create a field called allUrls that will output site URLs that could be used to generate a sitemap.

Register GraphQL Field with Argument

This is an example of registering a field with an argument showing how to use the argument in a resolver.

Register field as a list of strings

The below code registers a field called listOfStrings that returns a list of strings as the result:

Register object and field for custom list of users

The following code creates an object type called StuntPerformer and creates a field on the RootQuery called stuntPerformers that returns a custom list of users.

List of Key Values

This is an example showing how to return a list of keys and values where the keys and values are both strings.

Add Primary Category field for The SEO Framework plugin

The following adds a field called primaryCat field when using The SEO Framework WordPress Plugin

Add field for unencoded content

The following adds a field to the NodeWithContentEditor interface to get the unencoded content for a post: