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WPGraphQL for SEOPress

This FREE plugin from @moon_meister exposes data managed by SEOPress to the WPGraphQL Schema, allowing for SEO data to be used in your headless applications.

Community Plugin

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HEY YOU THERE! Do you use this package? Want to make it better? Let me know and I'll probably add you as a contributor cause I don't have the time.

WPGraphQL SEOPress Plugin

This is an extension to the WPGraphQL plugin (https://github.com/wp-graphql/wp-graphql) that returns SEOPress data.

Currently returning SEO data for pages, posts, custom post types, categories and custom taxonomies.

Using this plugin? I would love to see what you make with it. @moon_meister

Upstream Source

This is a direct result of @ash_hitchcock on the original Yoast SEO plugin. Let him know you like his work!

Quick Install

  1. Install & activate WPGraphQL
  2. Clone or download the zip of this repository into your WordPress plugin directory & activate the WPGraphQL for SEOPress plugin



To query for the SEOPress Data on posts and pages, you can add these to your post/page query:

Settings for SEOPress are as follows:


This can be used in production, however it is still under active development.

Though this is a long list, it is not a complete list. Refer to the GraphiQL IDE in WordPress for more queries and

documentation on queries.


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