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WPGraphQL for Advanced Custom Fields

Interact with your Advanced Custom Field data using GraphQL Queries

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How It Works

WPGraphQL for Advanced Custom Fields automatically exposes your ACF fields to the WPGraphQL Schema

Creating ACF Fields in WordPress

Create your ACF Fields

Create your ACF Field Groups and Fields, the same way you normally would, using the ACF User Interface, registering your fields with PHP or using ACF local-json. Each field group and the fields within it can be configured to "Show in GraphQL".

Query with GraphQL Explorer

Query with GraphQL

Once your field groups and fields have been configured to "Show in GraphQL", they will be available in the GraphQL Schema and ready for querying!

Supported ACF Fields

Text Area
Radio Button
Button Group
True False
Post Object
Page Link
Google Map
Date Picker
Date/Time Picker
Time Picker
Color Picker
Flex Field

WPGraphQL for Advanced Custom Fields supports nearly all of the ACF (free & pro) fields. Some of the fields, such as Accordion and Tab, which are not data fields are not supported. The Clone field needs some more assessment to determine if it can properly be supported. Fields from 3rd party extensions are not supported out of the box, but we are interested in supporting the popular ones.

Why WPGraphQL for ACF?


WPGraphQL is highly extendable, but it can be time consuming to expose fields to the Schema. This plugin can save you heaps of time.


WPGraphQL is one of the fastest ways to query data in WordPress, and now we bring that performance to ACF data too.


On top of the great WPGraphQL community support already available, we offer plugin support through email, forums, and code sharing.

Works Great with Popular JavaScript Libraries

Pricing & Support

WPGraphQL for Advanced Custom Fields is a FREE open-source WordPress plugin. The code is available on Github. Support and feature requests are handled through Github issues. For general questions about the plugin, visit the WPGraphQL Slack


Support is limited to usage of the WPGraphQL for Advanced Custom Fields.

If you need support for things such as learning best practices of implementing GraphQL at your organization, expert advice/consulting on a specific project(s), learning how to use WPGraphQL with caching clients, such as Apollo, or other needs not directly related to this plugin, contact us and we can pair you with an expert.

Support and feature requests are handled through Github issues. For general questions about the plugin, visit the WPGraphQL Slack.

Some ACF Field locations are very difficult to map to a GraphQL Schema. While we are working on supporting additional location rules, some highly contextual rules (such as assigning a Field Group to a particular page based on it’s parent) are difficult to support. This is because the GraphQL Schema is independant of content in the WordPress site, but is representative of possible Types in the WordPress site.

Support is provided for ACF Field Groups assigned to entire Post Types or Taxonomies, Users, Comments and Menu Items.

Additional location support is being added regularly based on demand.

WPGraphQL for Advanced Custom Fields does not currently support mutations of ACF Fields. Mutation support will be added to future versions of this product if there is a strong enough community for it.
WPGraphQL for Advanced Custom Fields requires Advanced Custom Fields (free or pro) and WPGraphQL v0.3.2 or newer.