Re-introducing WPGraphQL for ACF


Starting today, WPGraphQL for Advanced Custom Fields is FREE!

Some Context

In April 2019, I released the WPGraphQL for Advanced Custom Fields plugin as a paid plugin in an attempt to generate enough revenue to one day be able to work on WPGraphQL full-time.

I want to thank everyone that purchased a license and helped me grow the community. The purchases proved that this is an important plugin with an audience, and the revenue from the purchases have allowed me to spend time working on additional features, bug fixes, and interact with users in Slack, Twitter and other communication channels over the past few months. It’s clear that a big part of the future of WordPress headless, and WPGraphQL is a big part of that future.

New Opportunity

As you may have heard on or WPTavern, I have been blessed with the opportunity to join the Gatsby team, where I get to spend my time working on WPGraphQL and its immediate ecosystem, including plugins like WPGraphQL for Advanced Custom Fields.

Now that I have the opportunity to work on the WPGraphQL ecosystem full-time, the Gatsby team and I believe it’s best for the community to make the WPGraphQL for Advanced Custom Fields FREE, starting today.

The plugin is now freely available on Github: The plugin will also be submitted to which will allow the plugin to be more easily included in projects using Composer.

Support and Updates

WPGraphQL for Advanced Custom Fields will continue to get the same care and support I’ve provided since launch, but even better as I now have more time to focus on the WPGraphQL ecosystem. 

  • Github: If you run into issues or have ideas for feature requests, I kindly ask that you open issues on the Github repository.
  • Slack: If you have general questions, the WPGraphQL Slack workspace is a great place to seek support. If you’re not in the Slack workspace already, you can join here
  • Spectrum: WPGraphqL has an online community on Spectrum, which allows publicly visible and indexable async communication. You can visit the WPGraphQL Spectrum community here.

WPGraphQL and Gatsby

The Gatsby team and I are excited to invest more time into adding more features to WPGraphQL to benefit the entire headless WordPress & modern Javascript communities. 

Whether you’re using React or Vue, Next or Nuxt, Create React App or Gatsby, or anything else, we want WPGraphQL to be a great experience for all.

Of course, we believe in many cases there will be benefits of using WPGraphQL with Gatsby, and we’d love it if you gave Gatsby a try, but ultimately we want you to build great experience for your users using the tools you enjoy.

Thank you for your support and I’m looking forward to a bright future for GraphQL and WordPress.


Jason Bahl
Creator / Maintainer, WPGraphQL