NEW! WPGraphQL for Advanced Custom Fields

Interact with ACF Field data using GraphQL Queries

Where To Get Support

WPGraphQL has a community of developers.

On this page, we’ve listed some WPGraphQL-related communities that you can be a part of, and tools and resources in the community that may benefit you as you use WPGraphQL.

Find an Expert

If your project could benefit from expert consulting, reach out and we can pair you with an expert that knows the ins and outs of GraphQL and WordPress.


Github is where the development of the WPGraphQL plugin happens. If you’ve found a bug or have a feature request, open an issue for discussion. If you want to contribute code, feel free to open a pull request. 


The WPGraphQL Slack is a great place to communicate in real-time. Ask questions, discuss features, get to know other folks using WPGraphQL.

WPGraphQL has an online community on Spectrum allows for async communication but indexes content which makes it more discoverable when searching in Google, etc. 


Follow WPGraphQL on Twitter to keep up with the latest news about the plugin and the WordPress and GraphQL ecosystems. Only occasional trolling.